Snelson speaks for teachers and students

What a delight it was to read the direct discourse in the lead article on the front page of The Inter-Mountain Tuesday. Mary Snelson, of the West Virginia Education Association, spoke up for Tucker County teachers by pointing out the disparity caused by the pay raises for county administrators.

Tucker County teacher salaries were at the bottom of the state pay scale when they received the statewide $1,000 increase this year. Recently four administrators received nearly $40,000 in raises with a high school principal getting the least increase at $2,500, and the county superintendent getting the most increase at $26,000. It was another case of paying far less for labor than for management. Those who spend the least time with students get the most money.

Now in America the disparity between pay for labor and management is wider than it has been at any time in the last half century.

The original idea was that decision-making jobs were most stressful; therefore, management should get more pay than other workers.

However, newer research has shown that the lowest paid workers have the most stress because they have little control over their job security, and they fear not being able to make a living. By analogy big dogs just don’t need to worry as much as the little dogs.

Furthermore, Snelson pointed out that all Tucker County administrators who were getting salary increases were men. Women’s jobs often pay less than men’s jobs, and that is one of the patterns that keeps teacher salaries low across the United States.

Low pay for women also contributes to the fact that a third of American children are being raised in poverty, and most of these poor kids live in single-parent households where the mother is struggling to make a living.

Students in Tucker County are lucky to have Snelson pointing out the disparities in salary increases for educators.

As Baby Boomers retire from the teaching force, new teacher recruiting will make teacher salary increases necessary in Tucker County.