Tennant’s silly new stance

U.S. Rep. Shelley Capito, R-W.Va., has been working hard for years to stop President Barack Obama’s war on coal and affordable electricity, not to mention Obamacare. Capito has spoken out against the president and worked to pass bills to curb him.

Now, Capito is running for the U.S. Senate from West?Virginia, in the hope she can do even more to rein in the president.

Meanwhile, her opponent in the race, Natalie Tennant, has turned out a really neat campaign advertisement. You may have heard of it. In it, Tennant complains about Obama’s war on coal and pretends to turn out the lights in the White House.

Isn’t that a bit like inviting a guy wearing a mask into your home, showing him where you keep the cash, credit cards and good jewelry, then complaining after he robs you?

Tennant worked hard for Obama in 2008, even as critics were warning he intended to wreck the coal industry and drive up electric bills. He said as much.

Then in 2012, after Obama had been hard at work on the anti-coal campaign for three years or so, Tennant supported him strongly again.

And now she wants people to believe she’ll do battle with him? Come on.

Who’s putting money behind Tennant’s campaign? Ultra-liberals. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s leadership PAC gave $10,000 to the Tennant campaign. Perhaps that’s because she refuses to say that, if elected, she would vote against Reid as majority leader.

First lady Michelle Obama has said her husband needs Tennant in the Senate. Last month, Tennant brought a big name to West Virginia to help raise money. Her choice was Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., who may be more liberal than Obama.

But it paid off. Reportedly, Warren’s visit helped Tennant raise about $150,000.

Lots of Democrats would love to see Warren – who is an outspoken enemy of coal-fired power plants – in the White House.

Should that occur and should Tennant be a senator, are there any questions about biting the hand that fed you?

Even incumbent Sen. Jay?Rockefeller, D-W.Va., is pitching in. Rockefeller – who actually has been supportive of Obama’s war on coal – gave $250,000 to a Democrat political action committee. He commented that he hopes those who dole out money from the PAC “will exercise their discretion in ways that are helpful for Natalie.”

Without support from ultra-liberal organizations, Tennant would be in deep financial trouble.

In her Federal Election Commission campaign finance report for July 15, Tennant reported collecting $591,261 during the three-month cycle. Well over half that came from ultra-liberal groups.

Not that two groups didn’t try hard to make it look as if “small” contributors were the backbone of Tennant’s campaign.

Her FEC report showed about 1,670 contributions during the quarter. But of that total, about 133 individual donations came from the pro-abortion group Emily’s List. The organization sent a steady stream of contributions to Tennant. Through that method, it has pumped $108,372 into her campaign.

But Emily’s List isn’t the top contributor. That distinction appears to belong to ActBlue, a left-wing Massachusetts outfit that specializes in using the Internet to raise money for Democrats. Thus far, ActBlue has pumped $184,074 into Tennant’s campaign.

Her FEC filing shows about 115 individual contributions from ActBlue, in amounts ranging from $5 up to $2,600.

Do you really suppose the liberals and liberal organizations spending so lavishly on Tennant expect her to oppose Obama?

Look for more Tennant campaign advertisements that take shots at Obama. But after you look at the ads, you may want to consider who paid for them.

Turning out the lights on Barack Obama? That’s a laugh. Tennant helped turn them on – twice.