Taking it to the streets

I have always been a “people person” from my days of working at Roger, owning and operating my own business (Van’s Army Surplus Store), through my 12 years on council and especially now as mayor of Elkins. I love getting out into the community and hearing what people have to say.

Even though I spend a lot of time walking around downtown, answering text messages and social media posts, I’m sure there are some of you that I don’t have the opportunity to talk to. I’d like to change that and hope that my new plan will help.

Beginning June 4, and for every Monday after, I will be setting up the Mayor’s Mobile Office in front of City Hall from noon to 1 p.m. You can stop by on foot or pull right up to the curb and talk to me directly from your vehicle. During inclement weather, I’ll have to move the mobile office inside the lobby of City Hall, but I hope that in any weather, citizens will take advantage of this time to let me know what’s on their mind.

The concerns of Elkins residents are similar to that of many small-town Americans — drugs and crime; dilapidate properties; speeding in residential neighborhoods. But whatever your individual concerns are I will do my best to answer your questions or provide contact information of the person who can.

I’d also like to hear your ideas. We all come from different backgrounds and have different perspectives. The city needs your input when it comes to making decisions about the best use of our resources and planning for the future.

Finally, I will have available information about council representatives, committee members, council meetings, upcoming events in the city, and all the other ways you can access information about the city, including our wishbone, Feedback page, emergency notification system and police tip email.

I look forward to visiting with you and talking about all the good that is happening in Elkins as well as areas that may need our attention. If my Mayor’s Mobile Office is a hit, then you may start to see me at additional times during the week or in other locations around town.

See you on the street!

— Broughton is the mayor of Elkins.