Fox Forest Trail Run set for today

Join us for the Fox Forest Trail Run at 8:30 a.m. today.

Registration begins at 7 a.m. at the DNR boat launch on Scott Ford Road. Parking is available for racers and walkers at Jennings Randolph School near the end of South Davis Avenue. The entry fee is $10, and a West Virginia theme tee shirt will may be purchased for an additional $10 — all to benefit the Kump Education Center.

This five-mile race was created by Matt Osborne, who brings lots of new energy to the Kump Education Center Planning Committee.

Mr. Osborne is Chief Credit Officer at the Citizens Bank of West Virginia and father of three active little children who enliven our neighborhood. We are fortunate to have new young families like the Osbornes in Elkins, and I am so grateful that Matt recognizes the potential of the Kump Education Center.

Another person who deserves credit for the Fox Forest trails is optometrist Dr. Adam Casseday. He likes to run 50 to 100-mile races and has developed the trails in Fox Forest Wildlife Management Area for the Division of Natural Resources [DNR] as a place for his practice runs. Adam and a group of devoted running friends have worked on cutting, improving, and marking the trails in Fox Forest.

Most people are not ambitious runners like Adam Casseday and his friends, but even people my age can hike and run on the trails in Fox Forest. The trails are available for scout nature hikes, bird watching, and other types of outdoor leaning opportunities. The phenomenal view of Elkins and the Tygart Valley River from the ridge above the bridge at Scott Ford is well worth the trip.

When I think about participating in a five-mile trail run, the idea is a little daunting, but it makes me think of the picture that hangs in my son’s old bedroom showing the back of a lone runner who faces a long road stretching up to a hazy horizon at the top of the photo. The motto printed in the sky says, “The race is not always to the swift, but to those who keep on running.”

I am slow, but I plan to keep on running. Come out to walk and/or run at the Fox Forest Trail Run today. If you miss the event, visit Fox Forest soon.