Now is the time

Among the many powerful lessons within the New Testament, one of the most challenging is found in both the 12th chapter of Mark and the 21st chapter of Luke. Jesus and his disciples are at the Temple in Jerusalem as they witness people bringing their offerings.

A frail, old woman brings two copper coins, the equivalent of a penny in our time. I imagine the sound, as she drops the coins into the receptacle, being hollow or muffled … not like the large heavy coins brought by those with more resources. This sacrificial offering caught the attention of Jesus, and using it as a teachable moment, he stated that she had given more than all the others for she gave not of her abundance, but rather of her substance.

This story of the “widow’s mite” or “widow’s offering” helps me to keep life in perspective. Giving is a powerful expression of our values. Giving of our substance is a sacrificial gift that defines who we are and what matters in our lives. As a people, Americans are a generous lot. This is reflective of the values and ideals upon which our country was founded, and our society is based. Statistically, our philanthropic priorities as a nation are faith, education, social welfare and the arts.

Davis & Elkins College has been engaged in a historic capital campaign for the past decade. The Secure the Future campaign officially ends on June 30. The once unthinkable goal of $100 million is now tantalizingly within reach. To date, nearly 6,000 donors have given 24,000 gifts, stepping up to affirm their belief in this College’s mission and the transformational education offered to students upon these hallowed grounds. The cost of higher education in our day is significant. The cost of not educating our new generation of leaders is unthinkable. Investing in the students of Davis & Elkins College is a wise and prudent investment!

The focus of most of this campaign has been on major gifts. The reason is obvious, for a goal of this magnitude would not have been possible without these large donations. I am grateful beyond measure for such generosity. Yet, success can only ultimately be achieved with a groundswell of support, for now is the time.

As we enter the homestretch of the campaign and near this historic goal, I ask that all who love and appreciate D&E step up with your offering.

Every single dollar contributed puts us one step closer to the goal that many questioned whether it could realistically be achieved. Every single dollar puts us one step closer to securing our future in an increasingly competitive and hostile environment for higher education, particularly for private, church-related, liberal arts, residential colleges such as Davis & Elkins.

Over the next week I ask all alumni and friends of Davis & Elkins College to join with 6,000 others by contributing your gift … whatever the size. Checks may be mailed to the College or gifts may be made online at

Together, we are making a powerful statement that D&E is stable, secure and vital as it transforms the lives of students … today and for generations to come. NOW IS THE TIME!

The journey continues….