First Friday fireworks, picnic set

On July 5, the Kump Education Center will celebrate the national holiday with an old fashioned picnic on the lawn, self-guided historic house tours, a geometry scavenger hunt, and a Silent Starlight Auction. Now that KEC is included in the Elkins Main Street footprint, we are participating in First Friday activities.

This year the 4th of July falls on Thursday, the City of Elkins Fireworks comes on Saturday, and First Friday will be a perfect time to enjoy picnicking on the south lawn at Kump Education Center. Amanda Sacks will make the burgers and KJ Shaffer will bring the watermelon. We are so glad to have the volunteer help of these two wonderful Elkins High School teachers.

Kump Education Center has been going through a period of major renovation and renewal. The upgraded heating system makes year-round use possible for the first time in many years, and the rewired electrical system makes the building suitable for computer technology. The historic part of the house has been re-plastered, painted, and cleaned. It has not looked so good since Eleanor Roosevelt was there in the 1930s.

Folks who visit KEC find the Delco-Light Frigidaire refrigerator interesting. Jo Rockwell has painted the wood and polished the chrome until it shines in all its 1925 glory. The wooden case of the Philco radio looks great too, and it might play again if we can find a local volunteer who likes to work with old radios. Kump House tours offer a chance to experience 20th Century history without going out of town.

Bid on the Starlight Silent Auction items after five on Friday, then get your antiques from their original home after the fireworks that night. You will find a 1930s style sculptured plaster pheasant, a few pieces of Depression glass, and West Virginia colored glass. Those who love older fabrics will find table linens and vintage nylon lingerie. European and Japanese china will also be available. For readers who follow British royalty, we have magazines that feature Princess Diana and her children as well as other 20th Century celebrities.

In addition to the Starlight Silent Auction, we will have a “Dollar Table” and a “Five Dollar Table” where one can pick up curious old things without waiting until the end of the fireworks. We will also offer free bags of old books.