Lawmakers to get an earful and an eyeful

Talk about painting a picture.

Local officials will meet with state officials today at the Capitol Complex in Charleston. The reason? To push for the completion of Corridor H.

Legislators won’t just get an earful about finishing the highway – they’ll also get an eyeful. Organizers plan to build a huge model of Corridor H to catch the gaze of lawmakers.

“We will be constructing Corridor H between the House and the Senate,” Steve Foster, the executive director of the Upshur County Development Authority, told The Inter-Mountain this week. “But there will be a big hole in the middle under the dome which represents that section from Kerens to Davis which is not done.”

How better to illustrate the need to finish Corridor H? If all the state’s legislators can’t come to our area to view the highway, let’s bring the highway to them. We applaud the organizers for coming up with such a brilliant plan.

Laura Meadows, the executive director of the Upshur County Convention and Visitors Bureau, said a booth will be set up as part of Corridor H Day at the Legislature to highlight the importance of completing the four-lane highway that connects Interstate 79 in Weston to another four-lane road in Front Royal, Va. She said each of the seven counties in which the proposed route will travel will be part of the event.

The group was to meet with Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin at 10 a.m.

“Corridor H is the single greatest economic incentive for this area,” Foster said. “We continually try to squeak so we can get some oil.”

Here’s hoping all that squeaking – and model building -will lead to increased support for finally finishing Corridor H.