Our readers spoke, we listened

The Inter-Mountain traditionally runs a feature we call “Applause and Boos” on our Saturday editorial pages. Today, we’d like to give a special applause and boo – to ourselves.

First, we deserve a boo for aggravating some of our readers with the special front-page advertising flaps we’ve been running for the past six weeks. We’ve received phone calls, letters and emails from readers letting us know just how irritating those flaps are to them.

Secondly, we are giving ourselves a small measure of applause for listening to our readers and taking action. As of now, there will be no more of those Fuel Frenzy wraps on the front page.

We care about our readers and their likes and dislikes. The negative response was actually a great testament o how much readers care about The Inter-Mountain.

In our digital age, newspapers are supposed to be a dying medium. But the readers who took the time to call and write us let us know that people are still passionate about their local paper.

That’s great news for us, and we hope this announcement is great news for you, the reader. We value your opinions, and as always, please feel free to call or write us with your concerns.