Community Support Memorial Day turnout a proud moment

On Memorial Day, hundreds of area residents flocked to services all over Central West Virginia to pay homage to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

It certainly is refreshing to see so many take pause from family celebrations and cookouts to remember the sacrifices made by our armed forces on such an important day.

It is, perhaps, most touching to see how special the day remains to American Legion and VFW members and those who continue to serve this great nation. These brave men and women deserve much thanks for assisting community leaders and others in organizing these events.

Past sacrifices should not soon be forgotten, and with the help of these proud servicemen and women and the ones from generations to come, we truly never will forget.

Elkins Mayor Van Broughton put it best Monday afternoon when he said, “There have been many that served in times of war that have memories that cannot even be spoken out loud. We thank you today, no matter what your service was, whether it be in time of peace or war. We appreciate you, and pray for the healing of your mind and heart that your today and your future will be one of great peace and joy.”

“We appreciate this Memorial Day Service as a time to pause and be thankful for the service of our fallen and wounded military. Please bow your hearts and your heads in honor of these great servants for our country,” Broughton added. “God bless you and thank you for this great privilege to share my heart, and may God continue to bless America.”

Honoring our veterans just two days a year – on Memorial Day and Veterans Day – is not enough. We all, as Americans, should be thankful every day for those who served and continue to serve. Although none of us can ever repay this debt of gratitude, we can at least keep past and future sacrifices close to our hearts.