First Lady Visits

Trump tours infant drug rehab center

First Lady Melania Trump was to come to West Virginia this week for a very unpleasant purpose — to visit Lily’s Place in Huntington.

If you are aware of Lily’s Place, you understand how difficult it would be for Trump — or anyone with an ounce of compassion — to visit the health care facility. It was established solely to treat babies born addicted to opiates such as heroin.

For some of them, their first days on earth are agony, as they experience withdrawal symptoms.

None of their pain is their fault. They were born addicted because their mothers abused opiates.

Lily’s Place also works with the babies’ mothers, in the hope they can be weaned off drug abuse so they can be safe parents.

When Trump returns home, she will have much to say to her husband. Let us hope she can persuade him to ask Congress for more funds to treat victims of drug addiction, including the most helpless and blameless.

By the way, Lily’s Place is renowned for its work, but it is far from the only health care facility where addicted babies are treated. It happens elsewhere in West Virginia, too.

Trump reportedly has some influence on her husband. We pray she uses it effectively.