Great Job

Nida deserves praise for MSFF?leadership

At Wednesday’s Elkins City Council meeting, both Mayor Van Broughton and Police Chief Glenn Galloway mentioned that this year’s Mountain State Forest Festival “ran very smoothly.”

Maybe the biggest reason for this was the leadership of 82nd Mountain State Forest Festival Director General Rich Nida.

Nida and his family came up with this year’s MSFF theme, “The Majestic Roads Lead to Royalty.”

“We were just kind of looking at the leaves and kind of looking at the roads and I came up with ‘Majestic Roads Lead to Royalty,’ and it’s true because if you do look around in fall, it is the prettiest time of the year, so that’s what it stuck to,” Nida said a few weeks ago. “At the beginning of the festival, when it all starts on opening days, all those roads bring everybody from all over the state to this town, so I thought it was fitting.”

Indeed it was. Nida also chose Queen Silvia LXXXII Alia Danae Figueroa.

“We went through a lot of interviews. When you talk to people and listen to how their lives are, it was a fit,” Nida said about choosing Figueroa. “Once you all meet her through the week you will understand why. She has been involved in the Forest Festival ever since she was a youngster. We have a picture of her on the day of the coronation when she was 1 year old. She was dressed up, and it’s kind of ironic, but it was in the same color as her dress. Her dress that she had on when she was 1 year old will be the same color as her dress this year.”

Nida was the beneficiary of some great weather the week of his festival, but he and the assistant directors clearly had done their homework, and this year’s MSFF events and activities were well-organized and went off without a hitch.

He chose a great theme and a great queen. It was certainly no small feat, and Nida deserves the praise and gratitude of everyone who loves the Forest Festival.