Boos & Applause

Applause to the Unsung Heroes who participated in this year’s Inter-Mountain series of articles detailing the military careers of local veterans. This year’s series featured a great variety of veterans who had served in different branches and in different wars around the globe. Each and every veteran’s story was priceless and a great learning experience for us all. While we ended this year’s series on Veterans Day, we will start the series back up on Memorial Day 2019. We will look forward to featuring many more wonderful stories next year. Please feel free to submit a name and phone number of a veteran so we can add his or her name to our list for next year.

Applause to the Buckhannon City Council for working to craft a plan for when they implement their planned 1 percent sales tax made possible by the state’s Home Rule Law. The outcry of angry citizens and concerned business leaders in Elkins last year must have been heard as fall away as Buckhannon. Elkins City Council imposing a 1 percent sales tax without informing the public how the extra tax dollars collected would be spent, and the public reaction to that move, must have served as a cautionary tale. City officials in Buckhannon have already stated how they will collect the tax, what businesses will pay the tax and how the tax dollars will be spent. We commend Buckhannon City Council for keeping the public informed of their plans and not keeping their citizens in the dark.

Applause to Jo Santiago and other wildlife professionals who nurse injured animals back to health and in doing so preserving our local wildlife. Santiago has worked to save many animals, including a red tail hawk, which she released back into its natural habitat near Beverly last week. After being rescued by Santiago, the animal was taken to the Avian Conservation Center of Appalachia in Morgantown to receive care for approximately two months. These hardworking professionals deserve our gratitude for the great work that they do.

Applause to the presenters of the Carnegie Science Center of Pittsburgh who visited North Elementary School this week. The presenters have found ways to make science fun for young students, which is a key to inspiring children to be lifelong learners.

Boo to the people who walk their animals on public school property so their dogs can do their business. People’s dogs are their responsibility, not everyone else’s. Those people who are guilty of creating a messy nuisance for someone else to deal with at a later time are selfish and inconsiderate. Imagine your child playing in the grass and either stepping in or falling down on something a dog left behind. At some point and time someone will have a mess to clean up and this is totally uncalled for and completely unacceptable.