Boos & Applause

Applause to all the law enforcement agencies that had a hand the capture of Randolph County murder suspect Vanessa Logan by the United States Marshall Service. Several groups including the Randolph County Sheriff’s Department, the lead investigators, The West Virginia State Police, Elkins Police Department, United States Forest Service Law Enforcement and Randolph County EMS assisted at the scene of the crime and the following search.

Applause to Elkins officials for being cautious with a needle exchange program. The Inter-Mountain ran a three-part series this week on this topic. After two years, Charleston shut down their needle exchange program. Upshur County officials heard the ugly outcry of local citizens this year after a syringe program began. City and county officials, as well as the Randolph County Health Department officials all agree that any program moving forward would take a lot of careful consideration and full transparency. The wide spread drug epidemic is a concern for all citizens. Obviously, any attempt to help fight drug abuse and minimize the spread of disease would be the driving force behind any program. This is not an easy solution or something would have been put in place years ago. We applaud everyone looking for solutions and more importantly we applaud everyone for carefully doing their homework before they act.

Applause to old man winter for some snowfall and colder temperatures. You might not like the snow but it is that time of year. Hunters enjoy a skiff of snow to help them with their tracking. Hunters are often loaded down with extra gear for safety reasons so the cooler the temperature the better. Let’s not forget about our friends at our local ski resorts either. It is that time of year that can either make or break a ski season. Let’s hope for a colder winter so lots of snow can be made for a successful ski season.

Applause to the West Virginia university football team. Although the Mountaineers lost there last two regular season games they ended the season with a winning record and had great effort. WVU will lose a lot of talent this year as16 seniors will go on to other things but the excitement will be remembered and everyone will be looking forward to a fun bowl game. So as we say goodbye to quarterback sensation Will Grier, Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year David Long and all the other hardworking Mountaineers we say, “thanks for the memories.”