Justice honors dozens of state employees

Public employees — the people we see repairing our roads, handing out traffic tickets, helping children whose safety is at risk, dealing with the paperwork we have to file and handling thousands of other tasks — are easy targets for our wrath at government in general.

They don’t deserve the abuse. The overwhelming majority are hard-working, capable, dedicated public servants.

On Tuesday, Gov. Jim Justice honored dozens of West Virginia government employees for many years of service. Six of them have worked for us, as Mountain State residents, for 50 years or more.

These are the men and women who make the best of limited resources to do the most they can for our state — for us. Very few of them make policy. They simply try to execute it to the best of their abilities.

“I can never thank you enough,” the governor told them during a ceremony in Charleston.

Amen to that, governor. Rather than chewing state employees out regarding gripes over which they have no control, we ought to join Justice in thanking them for the work they accomplish under sometimes difficult circumstances that frustrate them, too.