Bullies should be held accountable for actions


Even as we make every effort imaginable to protect our kids from being bullied, both online and in their daily lives, at some point we have to stop coddling the perpetrators, as well as the enablers, and start holding people accountable. Period.

In the cases of bullying where it leads to a suicide, well, that’s no different than getting into a physical altercation with someone and having that someone fall and violently bang their head on the concrete and subsequently die from that injury. Your actions led to the person’s death. As such, you’re held accountable. This is no different.

If the actions of the bully or cyber-bully end with the bullying victim committing suicide, that person (or persons) is just as culpable as the person who threw the punch that caused that person to fall, bang his/her head on the concrete and die from the injury. It’s really just that simple. Someone needs to be held accountable. The perpetrator(s) needs to be held accountable, and the enabler(s) needs to be held accountable.

Let’s get real. There is absolutely no way that anyone with even a single working brain cell doesn’t know by now that bullying is causing enormous harm, and, in many cases, death.

Therefore, for these people to continue with their bullying actions is for them to say that they flat out don’t give a d— if the person they are antagonizing kills themselves. It’s really as simple as that. And, that is absolutely not OK.

Thanks to the Net Cetera Community, OnGuardOnline.gov, for its help on bullying.

Eston William Nelson