Guns are just objects, but minds can be evil


Over the years, my dad would tell us about his school year days.

Caught between a great depression and a great war, many men didn’t receive a great education. Still, most students of that time could pass a GED exam with only six years schooling. Most of these men went on to lead productive lives. Many served overseas to protect our county.

Dad served overseas. He came home to manage a feed store for 18 years. He was even asked to run for sheriff.

Dad and his friends took their guns to school where they would place them in the corner of the cloak closet. This allowed them to hunt for game on the trip home, thus helping to put food on the table.

Guns are a problem, but not the problem. The Fact is humans have been killing each other for years. Cain most likely killed Abel with his bare hands. Thus it began with rocks, clubs, poison, knives, spears, bows and arrows and the list goes on. Then we were blessed with black powder. Black powder brought guns, bombs, etc., etc. and etc. It also helped build roads, dams and America.

That old school house also served as a church and a community meeting place. The building wasn’t fancy, but many souls shared peace and love there. Seems God came with these people and went home with them when they left. Could be he just stays at the church now. The fact is the law of the land states, like guns, you shall not have God in schools or government buildings.

We are blessed with freedom of speech. Well at least in most places, but if you talk too long, you might be considered radical.

The real problem is inside someone else’s mind. This is the most dangerous place in the world. Within this place dwells dragons. For whatever the thought, it is right to them.

Guns and God are a state of mind to you, the reader. The question is for you to answer. What’s in your mind?

Wm. Likens