Peoples Law School: tax money well spent


I want to thank the people for having the third Peoples Law School. We in Randolph County are fortunate to have these classes, and we learn so much about the law. This is the third time for me to take classes, and I have learned so much. Our taxes are well spent on this.

The best thing I learned is no matter how much I learn, I sometimes need help with lawyers and police. We are blessed with good lawyers and police. Our law is run like our medical system. We have lawyers for our laws and doctors for our medical system.

If we have a law problem we can’t correct, we go to a lawyer. If he can’t correct your problem, he will direct you to a expert lawyer in that field just like a expert doctor in his medical field.

If you have a problem seek help. Help is just a phone call away. There’s always some one out there to help solve your problem. Always keep in mind day after day what our lawyers, police and doctors go through to get some sanity in all these families that are in trouble.

In closing, I want to again thank everyone who takes care of us and keeps us safe. My dad always told me things don’t just happen. There’s always a cause.

Jim Corcoran