Runner disappointed by garbage in Elkins


I am an avid runner who travels to every state through my employment. I take every opportunity to run my seven to 15 miles in every town or city where my work takes me.

I recently spent a week in Elkins. I ran through many parts of town covering various streets. I was blown away, flabbergasted by the amounts of TVs, appliances, tires and furniture along the streets and alleys.

I have heard all jokes and stereotypes about West Virginia hillbillies, and I always thought people don’t really live that way in this day and age. I have never seen this amount of waste, tires, appliances, etc., in the hundreds of cities that I have visited. This could be a beautiful area if there were not so much clutter.

I was shocked to learn that this clutter was not for any special pick-up, and that most of those items have been there for several months. I cannot believe that someone in local government is not doing something about this.

Do the people that reside in Elkins fail to notice, or do they just not care?

Simone Stevens

Gigharbor, Wash.