Completion of Corridor up to state legislators


It seems to me that about two years ago, Sen. Jay Rockefeller, along with Reps. Nick Rahall and Shelley Moore Capito, introduced a bill that would allow any state that was part of the Application Resource and Infrastructure Fund and had projects that still needed to be completed to be able to borrow the funds from the states that were showing a surplus. In this case, it would be our State of West Virginia borrowing the monies needed to complete Corridor H.

Under the outline of the bill, West Virginia would borrow the money with either a 0 percent interest or up to a half a point of interest. Our state then could use the money to complete the Corridor H project. That being said, last year it was stated in The Inter-Mountain that all of the surveying and engineering for the construction of the project had been completed. This means if the state can borrow the funds needed, the section of the project that need to be completed can be let for bid. This, of course, is contingent on the money being available and our state being able to receive these funds under the guidelines of the bill that Rockefeller, Rahall, and Capito sponsored and passed both Houses last year.

Depending on how quickly our state legislators move on this would mean how soon the Corridor H project could be completed and move up the completion date of 2034 to within the next 10-15 years. This, of course, would make the highway a major highway in the state of West Virginia, and the interstate and intrastate commerce that would move across the corridor would mean higher revenue for our state and the communities that border on Corridor H. The ease of access from the eastern part of our country to West Virginia for skiing, fishing, camping and whitewater rafting would be a boom to our economy. Not to say that major industry would also be looking to maybe set up shop here in our state, and along with that comes jobs that would put our people back to work.

This is all good, but now it’s up to our state legislators, and I truly hope they see the need for the completion of the corridor project. So let them know that you would like for them to act on this for the betterment of our state.

Michael McRae