Looking for memories of her father from Elkins


Hello to all in Elkins. My name is Anastasia Chewning. My father was Rudy Jr. Chewning, and his momma and father were Rudy and Mabel Chewning.

I know this only because of my Aunt Carol (Marilyn), who I only knew for a short time before she passed away. She gave a few pictures she had with all my uncles and aunts and some of the children. I know I have many cousins in your area and it would be nice to let the two children I have to know that, too.

I also heard in a slight mention that I might have a half brother somewhere. I have a picture, and on the back it says, Bill, June, Corliss, Jean, Gramma Chewing and my Aunt Carol. I also have a memorial card for my Gramma Mabel. The clergyman was Rev. Timothy Bias.

I am in California as far north as you can get, a place called Seiad Valley. I was born here to Rudy Jr. and Jannette Reader. Also, my Aunt Carol is buried here at the Fort Goff Cemetery.

I have been wondering and looking off and on since I was 16. I never knew my father, and was wondering if anyone who might be able to enlighten me a bit? Thank you. If you like you can find me on Facebook under Annie Busby or email me at

Anastasia Chewning

Seiad Valley, Calif.