Reader ashamed of VA van receiving tickets


For 35 years, the Disabled Veterans van has parked in the City Hall parking lot, along with police cars and vets in the gravel lot behind City Hall.

The VA van has been ticketed several times, as well as cars ticketed for overtime parking. Could the police not have said something? Do they have to do this to people who are offering a service to the people that have served this country? Do they have to do this to the men who have served and are trying to get help they rightly deserve? Is this how we treat our veterans?

The sheriff’s department welcomed the van to park there, as well as offering the vets the use of spaces paid for by the county. This situation could be handled in a much better way, considering the support from the sheriff’s department and the simple fact that they are serving our vets. I am frankly ashamed!

Stephanie Armstrong Shank