Second Amendment vital to individuals, country

Just a little over a year ago, the Elkins City Police were called to a scuffle in the downtown district near a bar. One of the policemen was confronted with a young man in an alley who was concealing a weapon behind his back. The officer asked him to drop whatever it was behind his back and no one would get hurt. The young man dropped a butcher’s knife on the ground in front of the officer.

In 1985, my sister was leaving my father’s drugstore around 7 p.m. She had parked her car across the street from the pharmacy. A young man came up to her in front of her car with a gun pointed at her demanding her money. Doing the smart thing, she gave him the purse, and he went running down the alley.

A couple of years ago in early fall, I was posting the family property just before hunting season. As I walked into the woods and posted my first sign, I heard a noise, looked around and above me in a tree stand was a bow hunter. Fear went to anger, and I demanded he get off the property. He was a scared 17-year old kid, and I wasn’t carrying a gun.

The young man in the alley the police confronted had intentions of using the knife that night if he had to for whatever the reason. And, as you know, a gun isn’t the only thing that can kill.

Do you think the man who held up my sister had the gun properly registered and that he passed a background check? And as for the boy in the tree stand on the family farm, a bow doesn’t make much of a noise when shot. Thank goodness he was a scared teenager. These are three reasons to possess a gun legally and why the Second Amendment is important for those that are law-abiding.

As for the protection of this country, we hold people accountable for what they do and that includes the government. When you start messing with the Constitution and letting others in power do some altering, bad things happen. First it’s a few guns, then a few bullets and it goes on until you have nothing. The way Congress writes bills these days it could also ban sling shots. Whatever’s to their advantage.

Egypt is currently in a quandary as their constitution and judicial system have been put on hold because those in charge say so. They want government their way. Guess what the Egyptians are doing? They’re raising Cain in the streets.

The world is full of checks and balances, and the Second Amendment in this country is one of them. A thanks to the Randolph County Commission for showing their support of the Second Amendment and truly knowing its importance.

Clark Martin