Budget vote might have prevented sequestration


Sen. Manchin says Congress won’t work in a bipartisan manner to replace the sequestration. Then why does Manchin not cooperate with Senate Republicans and Republican congressmen? Representative Rayhall says the sequestration will cause severe disruption to all government services. Then why has Rayhall never passed a budget under the current administration? Sen. Rockefeller says the sequestration is a “sloppy, across-the-board spending cut.” Then why has Manchin, Rayhall and Rockefeller, all of them, never passed a budget?

A budget gets a handle on government spending and delegates a certain amount of funds for all government agencies.

Just think, a budget would get a handle on America’s incredible spending problem and give all government department’s intelligent spending choices.

With a budget, which Rockefeller, Manchin and Rayhall refuse to pass and implement, there would never be a sequestration in the first place.

Duane Borchers Sr.