City employees showed compassion on the job


Feb. 22 was a morning with treacherous ice on the sidewalks. My neighbor and I ventured out to meet the garbage truck with our plastic bags. I saw my neighbor fall, not once but twice, on a sheet of ice, obviously hurting his back.

As I hurried toward him, I noticed the sanitation truck had stopped, and the two workers also rushed toward my neighbor. They offered to call 911 and assist in any way possible. Those two gentlemen stopped their work and expressed sincere compassion as they offered to help. I assured them that I would take care of my neighbor.

Most of the time we take for granted the services provided by our city employees. We forget that they also risk their footing on icy sidewalks and must continue to work in all types of severe weather. Most of the time they never hear a “thank you.” If each of us could express appreciation for the things others do for us, the day would be brighter for everyone. A little bit of kindness goes a long way.

Lunada H. Stuart