Community program contributes to event


On Saturday, April 6, we had 15 people under the direction of Matt Bennett, director of Barbour County Community Correction Program, and a large group from the Horizons Church under the direction of Pastor Jeff Burnett, who worked to clean up the river bank in Philippi.

Both groups worked hard together and did a great job. I commend both groups. While I knew what to expect from the church group, I was not sure of how the folks from Community Corrections would work out. I must say that I was very impressed with how hard they worked, how polite and well-mannered they were and how well they got along with the church group. Everyone seemed to enjoy the day and were proud of their accomplishments.

Matt has done a great job, and I feel the Community Corrections program is an excellent program. It helps to perform needed service to our community. It instills work ethic and responsibility in the participant, and I believe pride in their work. It also relieves our jails of overcrowding.

I would like to see more programs like this one and hope that it will help these folks to get their lives on a positive track in order that they can become good and productive members of our communities.

Thanks to all who helped to clean up Philippi on April 6.

Mayor Jerry Mouser

City of Philippi