Tax increases continue, but still no budget passed


The U.S. Senate wants an income tax increase, in order for the Senate to do their constitutional duty by passing and implementing a federal budget.

President Obama was elected in 2010 and enjoyed a Democrat-controlled Senate and House of Representatives from 2010 to 2012. In those two years the United States did not have a budget, but in 2010 the Democrat-controlled Senate and House passed an income tax increase. I call attention to “Pub 15 (circular E), Employers tax guide, (2011),” that my $417 a week, small pension check, my Federal income taxes were raised from $15 to $26 a week, an $11 or 58 percent tax increase. With this increase, my West Virginia state income tax increased an additional 5 percent.

In 2011, the people of West Virginia had a federal income tax and a West Virginia state income tax increase and still did not receive a federal budget from the Democrat-controlled White House, Senate or House of Representatives.

Last year, Congress increased income taxes on the rich. Of course, West Virginia added an additional 5 percent of this increase to its state income tax. We now have had two more tax increases for a total of four income tax increases and still no budget out of the Senate.

Now, in 2012, Congress added a fifth income tax increase by increasing our Social Security and Medicare taxes. We now have had five income tax increases and still no budget out of the Senate.

2013, brings the call from the Senate for a sixth federal income tax increase, with a seventh income tax increase by the state of West Virginia adding an additional 5 percent to this federal income tax increase.

I would believe with three federal income tax increases, along with two West Virginia state income tax increases, with an additional federal and state income tax increase looming, that enough is enough.

Also, let’s not forget that in two years, company provided health insurance will be taxed as income. Another two federal and West Virginia income tax increases.

And still no federal budget?

To our two West Virginia United States senators and to the West Virginia state Legislature: would you folks mind terribly if my wife and I eat tonight?

Duane Borchers