Voter registration vitally important


What does it mean when you place your signature to a document?

The Bible says; let your yea shall be yea and your nay shall be nay. Your signature says yea or nay to the document you are signing.

When you sign a check, you have promised to pay the said amount. When you sign a contract with a bank, contractor, or cell phone company, you are agreeing to the terms of that contract. As the old saying goes, your signature (or handshake) is your word.

This being an election year, I would like to challenge you to think about your signature on a document. The document I am speaking of is your voter registration. First of all, if you have not signed up to vote, shame on you!

If you are registered, do you know what your signature says you have agreed to? Your signature says I agree with this party’s platform.

Think long and hard about this – your party may not be what it was at one time!

The old cliche Republicans are for the rich and Democrats are for the poor simply is not true. Our president is using this foregone notion to pit Americans against each other, thus creating class warfare. This puts our nation in a sad state of affairs!

It is essential that you know what your party’s platform is, then hold your leaders to this platform if you can in good conscience. If you cannot stand with the platform, you may consider changing your party, or better yet, register as an independent, which gives the additional flexibility to vote in either party’s primary.

Rich and poor is not the issue. Allow me to spell out where the Republicans and Democrats stand on some of the real issues. Then ask yourself, can I sign my name to where this party stands?

The Republicans’ platform states that they stand for the repeal of Obamacare, a ban on same-sex marriage, utilizing our abundant energy resources, free enterprise based solutions for the environment, individual choice for Social Security investments, school choice and school vouchers, prayer in school, a ban on embryonic stem cell research, the repeal of Roe vs. Wade, ending all public funding of abortion, providing incentives to reduce dependency on welfare, protecting gun rights and not providing amnesty for illegal immigrants.

The Democrats’ platform states that they stand for hate crime legislation (to include sexual orientation), repeal of Defense of Marriage Act, less drilling for oil, higher taxes on viable energy sources (oil, gas, and coal) to supplement alternative energy sources, Obamacare, higher tax rates, affirmative action, securing more land for federal conservancy, no privatization of Social Security, no school vouchers, more federal control over education, women’s right to choice, taxpayer funding of abortion, stricter gun control, statehood for the Palestinians and granting amnesty to illegal immigrants.

As a registered voter, can you support what your party stands for? If not, maybe it’s time to consider a change!

Pastor Mike House

West Virginia Patriots


Baptist Church