Following Europe into scary territory


If you know the history of Israel in the Old Testament you know that in the later years Israel was divided. Ten tribes carried the name Israel; the other two tribes carried the name Judah. Israel fell first to the Assyrians by the hand of God due to their sin; Judah later fell to Babylon.

In the third chapter of Jeremiah, God warns Judah of their coming judgment if they do not look to their sister Israel and understand they are about to face the same judgment. They did not heed God’s warning and they were carried away captive to Babylon as Israel was to Assyria.

As God in these verses suggested to Judah to look at their sister Israel, let me suggest that America has a sister we can look at as well. This sister would be Europe, the roots of our Judeo-Christian foundation.

America, especially under Obama’s leadership, is on the fast track to the socialist government and society that all of Europe is currently living under. So if we look at Europe today, we can see where America will be shortly unless we heed God’s warning and turn from the “treacherous” direction we are headed.

There are many “treacherous” issues we could point to that should raise alarms for America. We could begin with the financial issues, in particular taxation. We have recently seen the near collapse of several European governments, not to mention riots in the streets. When you look at their immoral tax rates, one does not have to wonder why there are riots and failing governments.

Corporate taxes, which have been lowered considerably in the past decade, average 37.5 percent across Europe. This is very burdensome for the businesses of Europe; however, the burden on individuals is even worse. The income tax rate averages 50 percent, with several countries exceeding 50 percent (Sweden 56.5 percent, Belgium 53.7 percent, Netherlands 52 percent).

This is only part of the story. There is also a national sales tax (consumption tax) called a “value added tax” (VAT). This has been discussed extensively in America as well (recently in regard to an internet tax). When this tax is added to the equation, in actuality individuals are paying much higher taxes (Sweden 80 percent, Netherlands 71 percent, Germany 67 percent). America better wake up. We are following our sister Europe into “treacherous” taxation.

Though many other issues could be discussed, I would like to address the most devastating. The spiritual climate of our sister Europe is very telling of the direction America is headed spiritually. For many decades now, American churches have sent missionaries to evangelize Europe even though our nation’s Judeo-Christian foundation is rooted in Europe.

Today, churches in Mexico, the Philippians, Korea and other nations are sending missionaries to America. Recently a Christian family from Germany came to America and is seeking political asylum here so as to avoid arrest for home schooling their children. How many religious freedoms have we lost in America recently? America will soon be arresting pastors and Christians for hate crimes, terrorist threats and civil disobedience for speaking the truths of God’s word.

America is at a spiritual crossroads: will we continue down the road of rebellion into spiritual darkness like our sister Europe or will we hearken unto God and serve the Lord?

Mike House