Looking for the real voice of America


Where is the voice of America?

Not in a Congress whose campaigns are abetted by lobbyists and their employees and who also entertain their activities.

A Congress that has enacted/approved amassing a national debt of $16 trillion and proposes payment to dissolution in 160 years and who cannot pass a one-year balanced budget.

A Congress that does not control the quantity and quality of immigrants and has laws (in force and proposed) of amnesty which cause the de-Americanization of our country and its voting rights.

When newspapers across the country print copies of the ballots of imminent national elections, why don’t they define the incumbents and their number of terms of service?

The voice of America would be heard: of active and inactive veterans, the dissidents of special interest groups, the unaffiliated and the historic American.

I believe it would cause the influx of a significant number of new congressional faces who have not been purchased by the longstanding norm.

Donald J. Hansen