Medicaid expansion a mistake for state


Once again, I see that our state has allowed itself to be bought or bribed by accepting federal tax dollars and subjecting itself to federal rules and regulation and federal dictation of how we manage the affairs of our state.

We are overwhelmed by federal regulations and federal intervention in the affairs of the state. We are held hostage and dictated to because we accept their money. An old adage that holds true is that he who has the money makes the rules.

We have become a nation of takers and not givers. Our votes are bought by handouts because we want stuff and we don’t want to work for or pay for it. We have a moral obligation to help our poor, our handicapped and those who can’t find a job. We have no obligation and should not be handing out stuff to folks who do nothing to help themselves.

There are folks who sit at home, watch the soap operas, drink their beer, smoke their cigarettes, talk on a government-supplied cell phone, and accept free food, rent and free medical care paid for by the taxpayer.

Handouts from the government have become a way of life for some folks in this state. It continues in some families for several generations from granddad to junior. Folks who are able to work should be required to attend state-sponsored classes where they can be taught the skills necessary to find and perform work. This class should be conducted at least three days a week, eight hours a day. The other two days can be devoted to looking for work or performing community service.

Folks that live on the taxpayers’ money should not be engaging in social practices or habits such as smoking and consumption of alcohol or taking of drugs injurious to their health that result in doctor and hospital care at the expense of taxpayers.

Our efforts should be toward the working poor; those folks who work hard every day but struggle to provide for their families and to pay the necessary bills.

Our leaders in Charleston are touting that we will be getting $1.3 billion in federal dollars for Medicaid.

What they haven’t told you is how much it is going to cost you, the taxpayer. The cost will exceed the $1.3 billion and a tax dollar paid to the federal or the state government is still a tax dollar and comes out of your pocket.

This system is broken. It needs fixed. Our politicians don’t want to fix it. They like to buy voters by giving out stuff that your the taxpayers pay for.

I am looking for honest leadership. If I can find it, I’ll vote for them in the next election.

Mayor Jerry Mouser