Reader sees turning point coming for USA


Like a runaway train, the socalled “gay marriage” agenda seems to be pressing forward, with most Americans now in support of this act which the Bible calls behavior which is an abomination.

What most fail to realize is the fact that with such “rights” first come personal responsibilities. One article I recently read stated that the General Election that took place last year, and more directly the president calling for his support of what God clearly condemns, has made a great shift in public opinion.

For a civil society to be healthy it must be morally strong. A society is strong when it follows Biblical precepts which were also present at our nation’s founding. How soon we forget.

The Supreme Court, under public pressure and by action from high-level politicians both nationally and locally, along with a growing number of “church denominations” and “clergy,” will either decide this issue for all states or they will force it back to the states for them to decide.

Personally, for those of us who have fought hard against this issue for years, which God has and will judge, we are now viewed as “right-wing fanatics” and out of step with “change we can believe in.” Unless something begins to change within the hearts and minds of the people, we have lost this battle. But believe me, God will not be mocked. He will have the last word on the matter, and actually already has.

America as we knew it is no more, and is in for disaster. This is the beginning of the end for America.

Same-sex unions, be it by way of civil unions or “marriages,” is a blatant sin which will leave a lasting scar on this nation like no other ever has.

David Martin