Tucker officials must show professionalism


Since my retirement and relocation to Tucker County, in 2007, the one thing most prevalent about providing these emergency medical services (whatever it was called then) has been an almost continuing degree of both internal and external conflicts about something.

Examples: Operational manual for employees, standards of conduct, (personnel manual) employee terminations, financial and fiscal issues, equipment costs and long-term budget issues with continuing legal cost to address the turmoil over issues among members of management and employees including compliance with external forces of county regulation (commissioners) and with applicable state statutes.

Of course, one would naturally expect there to have been growing pains in addressing all these issues over this time period in providing the emergency medical services needed and/or which are currently being provided.

Yes, there has been significant progress made during this time period in spite of all the “growing pains,” but now it seems that the bitterness and animosity among all parties has reached the point that dissolution of the Ambulance Authority Board is an option being considered. How sad. Is this the best you can do? Is this any way for people in a responsible managerial capacity to act?

Why not work together in harmony, for the people of Tucker County, in a commonsense, logical and thoughtful manner to make an informed decision for keeping and improving emergency medical services that best address the issues outlined in this newspaper article.

As Tucker County Ambulance Authority managers, board members and Tucker Counter Commissioners, I suggest you leave your hidden agenda or other self-serving needs (current or future) of a political nature on the new cake walk numbers in front of the courthouse and concentrate your efforts on addressing these important issues. It has no place at the table of progress. Thank you.

David B. Currance