Day set to honor all grandparents


Just a reminder: Don’t forget Sunday, Sept. 8 is Grandparent’s Day.

Grandparents are very special people. They touch our lives in so many ways. They give us wisdom, love, support and encouragement.

On Grandparent’s Day do something special with or for your grandparents. Give them an extra hug, visit them, tell them you love them. Maybe you could make a card or a gift. Really, the only gift they would probably like to have is a visit from you.

If you don’t have a grandparent living, think about the good times you shared with them. Maybe you could even take that love and visit a nursing home. There are so many residents who would love to see you and maybe you visit a neighbor.

My grandparents were all special people (Ray and Lillie Phillips and Fred and Margaret Bodkins).

Life is never the same without these incredible people.

If you are lucky enough to have a grandparent or grandparents living, do something special with or for them on Grandparents Day Sunday, Sept. 8.

We need to show our grandparents that they are special not only on this date but throughout the year as well.

Happy Grandparent’s Day! Remember you are special! Thank you for your time.

u for your time.

J. Kay Johnson