Fire department money needed


As a concerned citizen in Randolph County – Harman, W.Va. – several people in our community are very upset with our County Commission in the decision that was made against the Harman Volunteer Fire Department.

I personally talked to Mike Taylor and Chris See on the decision-making wanting them to tell me what was so wrongfully done that made them make this decision. I asked for a meeting with the community to explain in detail to us why we were suspended $16,000 of taxpayer money that is allocated to each dire department in the county.

I also want the public to know at the July 18 meeting that our County Commission gave away around $16,000 to Little League baseball, the Mountain State Forest Festival and other activities in the Elkins community. I sure hope that wasn’t our fire department money.

I want Mike Taylor to tell us how we are to operate this department. I want him to tell us how we are to operate this department when we have bills to pay. What brought this on, because the Harman Fire Department went to a house fire in Whitmer Fire Department territory and, by the way, to the citizens in this end of the county? They told me if you live on the left side of the road on Route 33 that belongs to the Whitmer Fire Department and if you live on the right side that it belongs to the Harman Fire Department.

What happens if there is a head-on collision in the middle of the road? Maybe we should flip a coin to see who responds so we don’t get the ax put to our department.

The 911 center was suppose to make things better. Why hasn’t the county gotten the numbers designated and our home numbered properly. Street and road signs of named streets should be installed. I believe that’s more important than giving away money.

Mike Taylor was elected to support and run an efficient county. You need to know that you have a lot of people upset with the decision you and the others made against the Harman Fire Department, and we want answers. It is not right, and we want our allocated money given back to this department now, not six months from now.

The Harman Volunteer Fire Department has worked hard to be where they are today, and they are very loyal, dedicated and efficient as far as I am concerned.

L.M. Teter