National debt a real number


Your editorial on a “Cheap shot at Manchin,” as most editorials, syndicated columns, individual entrees and national polls, falls upon deaf ears in Congress.

Large corporations, big business and special interest organizations contribute to election campaigns and buy lobbyists who promote their objectives and “entertain” those in office continously.

President Eisenhower advised us to beware of the industrial/military bloc. That bloc has been directing us into foreign countries where we have lost lives, as well as billions, and where they will be left with the same warring sects of Islam. It is reported we will abandon $6 to $7 billion of arms and equipment in Afghanistan, and now we are sending them fighter planes along with a proposed $1 billion a year for 10 years to teach them how to use and service them. Will these costs become the scenario of Syria?

Congress has been exploited by those factors and infiltrated by foreign cultures to the point of the de-Americanization of our country.

How can the voice of America be heard above those factors of such magnitude?

Newspapers have the singular opportunity to be the voice of America.

As a first step, at the top of the front page of every edition printed, the national debt of $16,000,000,000,000 should be printed.

It would be in every phase of our lives – at home, offices, banks, post office, etc. If adopted across the country, it could cause the redirection of the nation and a return of our national status.

Donald J. Hansen