Seniors not a reason for ATV access


I would like to comment on a recent letter from Ken White. Ken’s letter was truly spoken, these people in state and federal government are mostly out for themselves. I’m not sure which body is on the bottom end, but from the Board of Education on up through state and federal government, it seems after they are in awhile, and they forget what and whom they represent.

Every time you turn around, one of them has their hand out, like those running Elkins and the county. Take the land fill, for example. Seems these people can get all kinds of grants and money from various places if it’s something to benefit Elkins or something a commissioner wants for the county.

I would like to say to the fellow at Valley Head who wants to open up our forest to ATVs and UTVs and is using senior citizens and disabled people as an excuse, I hope you don’t get it done. Being a senior myself, I’m not for it.

He should know as well as anyone that once you start something like that, people aren’t going to stay on road. They will have roads all through the woods. A lot of the people who ride ATVs don’t care about other people’s property, much less state and federal forests.

William F. Kyle