W.Va. politicians favor big business


I reckon whether The Inter-Mountain prints this letter is entirely up to The Inter-Mountain and its editorial staff. But I wonder where the Inter-Mountain stands with our Constitution and Bill of Rights? And rights as equals as free American citizens? With equal rights to freedom of speech and freedom of the free press? And on freedom of choice and our free elections and the American way? Or maybe due to which side of the line The Inter-Mountain and its staff do stand on?

And as to the issue of mountaintop removal mining and our environment, and the Marcellus gas well drilling and our environment and property owners rights, which are very big issues until Joe Manchin and Earl Ray Tomblin assist property owners and West Virginians, owes its heritage, which is suppose to belong to us all, I ask?

Why do big business and big business politicians have preferred rights over the rest of us? I ask, as the common laborer who works hard labor all of his life to pay for his property (which as a taxpayer supposed to be his?), which he has put his life’s work into. It is then taken from him by the big business politicians and rights of way given to the gas drillers to drill on this property wherever they wish, to pollute and destroy its worth and value. This is the question I ask? And how long were we poisoned by asbestos before we found out how sick we where becoming from the use of it? How safe is gas well fracking, or how sick do we want to be? And does anyone really care?

And as to mountaintop removal mining, who does West Virginians’ heritage belong to? Why does the coal mining industry have the right to destroy our state’s mountains and natural scenic beauty which West Virginia – wild and wonderful, almost Heaven – is supposed to be about, and destroy the tourist attractions which bring tourists to West Virginia? Who would ever want to come to West Virginia to wade through polluted wastelands to view a pile of rubble or a coal slurry pit? These are questions I ask.

And as for our rights to work and support our families, I do understand the most of us just want to do so and pay a few bills. But our kids and future generations are not going to have anything left, or will they inherit such illnesses as cancer as did their ancestors? These are questions I ask.

Leonard C. McIe

French Creek