War on coal intensifying


The West Virginia Chamber of Commerce is strongly critical of the U.S. EPA’s proposed rules on new coal-using power plants that are due to be released next week. According to Bloomberg News, sources close to the federal agency have said the new rules will prohibit new coal-using power plants from being brought on line, despite intense communication efforts.

President Obama and his Environmental Protection Agency are determined to acquiesce to the demands of the nation’s most fringe environmental organizations. Most troubling is the fact that this president and his administration are refusing to listen to the West Virginia politicians who supported him and helped him get elected.

These new proposals are coming after leading West Virginia Democrats visited his administration and spoke directly to Gina McCarthy, the new EPA administrator, in a visit they touted as highly productive and one in which the administration understood their concerns.

The proposed EPA rules, scheduled to be released next week, will require carbon capture in order to meet stringent emissions standards. Unfortunately, the EPA is ignoring the fact that the technology for carbon capture is still years away, meaning the proposed rules are effectively a ban on new coal-using power plants.

While China and India are realizing the economic revitalization potential of coal-using power plants and bringing them online at a rapid pace, President Obama seems to believe that the world’s climate begins and ends at America’s border. One sure result of these proposed rules is more brownouts and higher electricity costs. Unfortunately, this comes at a serious cost to many already struggling West Virginians, who will have to stretch an already tight budget in order to stay warm in the winter.

Steve Roberts

President, West Virginia Chamber of Commerce