An open letter to the GOP

Editor: The following is an open letter to Republicans:

If you read editorials in this paper and watch Fox News, you probably believe that our present national budget crisis is the fault of President Obama. However, according to a national poll by the Washington Post and ABC News on Oct.7, 70 percent of Americans disapprove of how Republicans have handled the crisis.

Here is my opinion (and I’m a tried and true Democrat). Get real, Republicans! Who won the last election? Obama. Who passed the Affordable Care Act? Republicans and Democrats in both houses of Congress. Do you really believe Obama is going to cave on a law which is going to be his legacy? I doubt it.

You are catering to a section of your party who do not represent the majority of Americans. The reality is that “Obamacare” is and will be good for Americans and West Virginians. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has stated that the law actually decreases the government deficit.

I heard from a friend who works on implementing the Affordable Care Act in West Virginia that as of last week, 45,000 uninsured or underinsured West Virginians had already signed up for Health Insurance Exchanges. Our government budget should not be held up by those who want to repeal this law!

Dr. Mary Boyd