Cause of accident needs clarification

We just returned home from Elkins where we attended a memorial service at the Refuge Church for my 31-year-old cousin, William Michael White.

Will was killed in an ATV wreck on Oct. 1. Will was a wonderful young man, caring, funny, intelligent and hard working. He leaves behind a huge family that loves him and will miss him very much.

In the story covering the accident, the sheriff’s deputy said he believed speed and alcohol were contributors to this accident. Speed could probably be determined being at the wreck site, but how could he determine that alcohol was involved when a breathalyzer was not done at the scene. These words are now written, and we all have read them.

What disturbs me is these words are not true, the toxicology report proved that.

This young man left behind two very small children. They will no doubt one day read the accounts of their father’s death, and I just think that the alcohol statement should be retracted, for their sake and to keep this young man’s character in good standing.