Ky. visitors were charmed by Elkins

Editor: My name is Scott Rogers. I’m sending you an outline of our trip to see the New England Fall Foliage on Friday, Oct. 11. We stayed in Elkins at the Isaac Jackson Hotel & 1863 Restaurant, 830 Harrison Ave., in Elkins. We only stayed there one night. It was outstanding.

The hotel is a 5-star hotel. We had dinner there. A chef fixed our evening meal and it was a 5-star meal. After our meal, we got on our bus and went to the American Mountain Theater, arriving at 7:30 p.m. for an outstanding show.

To the citizens of Elkins, you have a gold mine there in your city with the Isaac Jackson Hotel & 1863 Restaurant and the American Mountain Theater.

I would like to thank Don and Sandy Harmon of Honey Tours LLC in Henderson, Ky., for an outstanding trip to see the New England Fall Foliage and the time we spent in Elkins. I will say good-bye for now from the state of Kentucky, the Blue Grass State.

Scott and Lillian Rogers

Madisonville, Ky