Literacy Volunteers deserving of praise

I would like to express my gratitude to all the people who work with the Literacy Volunteers of Randolph County.

These volunteers are dependable persons who share their time, talents and professionalism while helping adults achieve their aspirations, whether by learning English as a second launguage, improving reading and writing skills, learning about computers or by achieving a diploma.

Through this program, I met Mrs. Carment Handley. She gave me confidence; she trusted my capabilities and calmed my anxieties. I feel that I can communicate and understand the English language


Mrs. Handley used her social work background to continue helping me learn about life in the United States. She also helped me get my driver’s license.

I want to say thank you through this letter to the Literacy Volunteers, and to spread the word about the value of this program. We need more volunteers in our program and in our community. Remember, volunteering helps you make new friends, helps you make a contribution to your community, helps you assist others in need and makes you a happy person.