Community honors delegate’s memory

Today is the anniversary of the birthday of my husband, Bill Proudfoot (the former 37th District delegate). It’s been nearly five years since his passing, but it doesn’t feel like it could have been that long. We think of him and miss him every day.

On a pretty regular basis, folks share memories they have of Bill, and our family appreciates that he is remembered by so many.

This letter is to thank some who have made efforts to honor his support and vision, especially in regard to our community youth.

First, to the Randolph County Fair Association, who worked with Bill to develop the property on the barn side of Camp Pioneer, beginning with water/sewer infrastructure, to realize the vision of an active agriculture show and performance setting, then dedicated the new hall the “Bill Proudfoot Agriculture Building.” Thank you.

The “Bill Proudfoot Scholarship” was established in 2009 by Chelsea White and our son, Ben, to assist Elkins High School seniors who are cross-country and track athletes and wish to attend college. Since then, Letitia Propst, Rachel Burky, Nate Simons and Austin Hamrick have continued this assistance to their running peers by keeping the “Bill Proudfoot Memorial 5K Run/2 Mile Walk” an annual August event.

Thank you, kids, for the excellent job you have been doing with this community activity!

And to Bill’s co-workers at the Fred W. Eberle Tech Center, where he had a long, satisfying professional career helping young students prepare for productive lives in the work force as well as adults to find re-direction when they needed help in unexpected circumstances. This past summer, the Poker Run, which is an annual fundraiser for Skills USA, was organized as the “Bill Proudfoot Memorial Poker Run” by Bob Johnson, advisor, Mike Cutright, director, and their staff.

How wonderful it is that educators who share his drive to put and keep people working remember Bill in such a meaningful way – advancing student involvement.

There have been other gestures of honor to Bill’s memory and we are grateful for each one. Our loving, supportive community has kept our hearts lifted as we continue through life, trying to carry on a legacy of work for the common good. Thank you to all of you.

Lynn Proudfoot