Country going down dark path

With Obamacare turning out to be a farce and not being able to even get on the website here in West Virginia, how do they expect everyone to be signed up by the deadline? What gets me the most is if you’re not signed up by the deadline, you will be fined. The next question is how can they fine you if you cannot sign up for this farce of a program?

All the American people have done nothing but sit on the sidelines. You didn’t do anything then, and you’re not doing anything now. You have not said anything about Obamacare, and now that you can’t get on the website, you are acting like a bunch of scared chickens. Where were you back in 2010, 2011 and 2012 when the president made this proposal? You surely didn’t say anything then, but you sure are frustrated now because you can’t get your Obamacare.

The one thing that you all forget very quickly after an election is everyone from the president to the congressmen work for us, not the other way around. This last act of blame, pointing of fingers and name-calling should have got your attention that they all acted like “little children” on the school playground. It’s no wonder that our country is the laughing stock on the world’s stage. There is not one leader of another country that has taken our government seriously since that poor excuse for a president took office.

This country is facing some really “big” problems with our current entitlement programs. Social Security will be broke in another few years, Medicare does not have the funds to sustain itself thought 2015 and the Medicaid program is out of funds. So, what does this mean for those of us that are retired? For one thing, the premium that you to pay to Medicare is going to jump by 200 percent, just to maintain Medicare at the current level of coverage. This means that if the Medicare part you pay to keep Medicare current is $175 per month, this will go up $350 next year. The increases will be quite substantial over the next four years.

Now, you have to ask yourself how is the government going to get the funds to maintain these programs, and now Obamacare, too. As it has been stated many times, if we keep up the current level of spending, this country will be going down the same path as Greece, having to file with the World Courts on having our debit forgiven. This would leave the door wide open for China to call in the loans they have with our country and we could conceivably be working for China until the loans are paid off. We can only hope that the president and Congress wake up and realize the urgency of this problem before it becomes too late.

With the 2014 election coming up next November, it is time to send a message to our elected officials, and we need to start replacing them whether or not they have helped or hurt this country. Once the word gets out that we the voting public will no longer stand for their action in Congress, either you will see them change, or we vote them out of office.

Mike McRae