Dreaming big in politics difficult

When I see common sense appearing in politics, I am impressed. That great old-fashioned quality is rare these days.

Barack Hussein Obama has taken the United States so low that a real sharp 15-year-old could solve our problems. That is, until someone told them how to get re-elected. I can remember when the Democratic party was for the working man. I can remember John F. Kennedy’s famous quote, “It is not what the country can do for you, but what you can do for the country.”

In recent years, liberal Democrats have learned how to get elected through entitlement and welfare programs. This not only puts an excessive burden on small businesses in taxes and regulations, but also destroys the American work ethic! Illegal immigration brings in millions of votes for the Democrats. Small business cannot get help because of so-called entitlements.

The news media tries to cover up all the Obama scandals and cheers him on – no matter how grave the consequences. Obama wants to destroy the coal business – the cheapest electricity in the world comes from coal. If fossil fuels were eliminated in America, it would destroy America economically. And just If their global warming theory is correct (which it’s not, but that’s a whole other story). Destroying our economy would only make an 8 percent difference in world climate change. So, when I hear Joe Manchin talk some common sense crossing political lines, I dream of what he could do for our country and especially our state. Just think about the price of electricity, the price of gasoline, the price of natural gas, etc.

When I hear Chris Christie talk common sense across party lines, I dream big. When I think of the possibility of motivating the working man and woman to vote in greater numbers than the entitlement people, I dream big. When I think of the possibility of some great American who can explain how great America is, and that socialism is not the answer, I dream big.


Outspoken, old-fashioned, self-reliant, never owned by anyone.

Randall McCauley