Newcomers charmed by Kump House

We moved here to our new home in August. As we were driving home we noticed a stately mansion that didn’t seem to be lived in.

David became curious. The next day he stopped and read the marker. He wondered if help was needed to restore this wonderful house. The next week there was an event going on and he got to tour the house.

Imagine our surprise when we learned the history of this house. It is owned by the City of Elkins.

As residents we felt that we should do our share to support the Kump Center.

We have joined a group of citizens who are caring for this house. It is dedicated to helping educate children and teachers. If all of the owners could eke out a little time to provide funds, this would happen sooner.

In the meantime we are proud to live in a town that cares about its history and education.

Betty Jerde

and David Neal