Tomblin needs to think twice

Gov. Tomblin has commissioned a task force on cold and allergy medications with pseudoephedrine in the product. This attacks the working class families in West Virginia, because he would be forcing us to get a prescription to obtain cold and allergy medication with pseudoephedrine in it, because of those who would abuse the drug to create meth.

I’m not sure he understands the actual costs to the working class families of West Virginia. Forcing us to go to the doctor just to get a prescription for a cold or allergy attack would cost us hundreds of dollars and put an undue burden on health care facilities and doctor’s offices, not to mention emergency rooms. How many doctors are going to schedule you in that day to get a prescription?

That being said, if families can’t get in to see their doctors right away, they will go to other healthcare facilities and the emergency rooms. Just think of the cost to the taxpayer if we start using emergency rooms for this. Many of us have huge deductibles along with co-pays just to see our doctor.

Let’s break it down: average a co-pay to see your doctor around $50, prescription co-pay averages out to $20, then transportation cost to visit the facilities to get the prescription. You could be talking close to $100 just to get your medication for a cold or allergies.

Why are we being penalized because of those who would abuse the drug? There is a law on the books to track the amount of pseudoephedrine being sold to people and restricted on a monthly basis of sale to a single individual.

Instead of wasting tax dollars on a task force, how about using our tax dollars to fight the criminals making meth, and stop attacking the working-class families who are barely getting by as it is. Tomblin ought to focus on the bigger picture and stop interfering with our personal rights and liberties.

Personally, I will just drive over the state line to purchase my cold and allergy medication should this ever become law.

Jeff Werner

Falling Waters