Voice disdain for officials at polls

Now that we have seen what is in store for those of use that have to sign-up for Obama-care, and once you find out what the cost is going to be, you cannot help but say no way to that. The thing that gets me the most is everyone that is not signed up by Jan. 1 is going to be fined by the IRS. My question is, how can you be fined for something you cannot even sign-up for?

There are so many things wrong with the Health Care Act they outweigh the things that are good about it. If the President and Congress thinks this younger generation is going to payout for health insurance they are nuts or they are on drugs. Oh yes, there may be a few that sign-up but the majority will not. Washington has put all of their eggs in one basket in thinking the younger generation is going to bail this program out and put it in the black for the future.

I see, after the 2014 elections Congress taking up the Health Care Act and working to repeal part of it or all of it. Because by this time there will be enough information and data to show Congress what a failure this plan really is.

Our founding fathers never intended for our government to become an insurance company or for that matter forcing health care on an unwilling public. There is nothing in the Construction that states that Congress has the authority to mandate that everyone has to purchase healthcare just to satisfy Congress’s need for another tax.

Over the last decade and more Congress has done nothing but rob all of Social Security, Medicare, and any other program that had an excises of funds and they have the gall to stand up before us and say that don’t know how we have ended up in and the current mess we find ourselves in. This happened in 2008 and it will happen again in January when they cannot reach an agreement on spending cuts and anything else that might put our country on a path to recovery.

It is time that we stop electing children to do adult work. There has been nothing but name calling and drawing lines in the sand and daring the other side to cross it. I expect it form kids not grown adults and that is all we have had for the last two weeks are children just name calling and blaming the other side for the problems that we found ourselves in for the last two weeks. When if you look at it closely you find that there is enough blame on both sides to go around for everyone including the President, yet when Harry Reed came to the microphone today you would have thought they had been at a love fest for the last two weeks.

If there are any of you as fed up with Congress as much as I am, then in 2014 we need to voice our opinion by voting them out of office. This is the only way we can get our elected officials to listen and show the people we elect to fill these possessions, that if they cannot do the job they will be replaced as well.