California drug case a cautionary tale

Any young person who is contemplating or has already begun using drugs should be told about the sad case of a young man in California (recently in the news).

He stands accused of killing three people and gives no excuse except he was “speedballing” and also on meth.

If convicted he will pay the price exacted by society for his crime.

The person who got him started using the drugs won’t share the guilt in court for three killings; the street dealers won’t, their suppliers won’t and the smugglers won’t.

Just one confused, mixed up, lost young man will.

As it stands, his life is lost for all practical purposes, all for the “thrill” or rush of drug abuse.

Young people, wake up! Enjoy being young, enjoy life! You can’t do that while you are “high.”

Be somebody besides a statistic.

Dottie McNamara