High school success a key to happy future

I read online your first article in the series to encourage students to graduate. I attended Elkins Central School, Elkins Junior High, and Elkins High School through my junior year before my family moved away in 1967. I did my senior year at Morgantown High School.

I believe I had dedicated, skilled and inspiring teachers in Elkins. They sparked my interest in science and gave me a good foundation in mathematics, enabling me to complete my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in physics at West Virginia University. This allowed me to go on and earn professional certification by the American Board of Radiology in both therapeutic radiological physics and diagnostic radiological physics and to enjoy a 38-year career practicing medical and health physics in Morgantown and Huntington.

I am indebted to the fine teachers in the Elkins schools. It is so important to finish high school.

Martin Douglass Allan